Sunday, 13 February 2011

overview The Other Other side

Now for the gritty things...
Using still images to make a movie is not that easy, after investigating masks and other After Effects tricks

I found out I really need to go 3D. So I started converting all my images into 3D models using their brightness values to determine Z locations.  I got these huge meshs (planes, and spheres) and I started playing around with them in quartz composer. That was more or less the time I started to work with Emmanuel. and thus began our mysterious journey into vvvv.

Just following a thought

Overview The other side

I was looking for a while (and still am!! contact me if you have any) for SEM and other  kinds microscopique images of cells committing suicide. I found a few though a very nice guy called Dennis Kunkel and some phase contrast images from Naama Geva-Zatorsky of the Wiezmann institute of science.
Im afraid I cant post the pictures due to copy rights matters....

Concept Overview

Since ive been working for quite some time on this project there has been a lot of things happening all ready. Ill try to make a brief overview of them-
My last film (Transience) I used macro lenes to make most of it, for this film I wanted to go even deeper into the sub reality so I thought about using microscopes. also I saw thous nice pictures and got hocked on these nice big electron scanning microscopes.
I was looking for a while what should I film with microscopes, everything looks nice with them, but I really wanted it to have meaning... after some research I found out about cell death mechanisms and in particular the process of Apoptosis which is cell suicide.  
I decided to concentrate on that and to build the story around one cell that has decided to commit suicide. I want to take this normal everyday process and make it into drama using light visual and sound to give it an emotional dimension.  

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

the blog is alive!

welcome to my project.
I had a meeting to day with Emmanuel Flores Elias and he suggested I make a blog to update the world about whats happening with the project.
here it is